NCWorks Certified Career Pathways

TriadWorks is proud to have four NCWorks Certified Career Pathways in our region: 
Aviation, Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare - Nursing, and Transportation & Logistics.

Certified Career Pathways are integrated, seamless systems of education and workforce development programs, initiatives and resources that focus on matching worker preparation to employer need in high-demand occupations.

The collaboration of industry champions, workforce boards, and community and education partners who participated in the certification process yielded road maps to employment. These road maps --or pathways-- are the foundation for building a pipeline of workers to fill employer demand.

The pathway graphics (links below) let students, the unemployed, and those transitioning from other jobs to in-demand occupations easily identify the educational and soft skills requirements for those careers. 

Aviation Pathway
   Advanced Manufacturing Pathway   
  Healthcare - Nursing  
Transportation & Logistics Pathway

2018 Focus

For 2018, the implementation teams will be focusing on bringing career awareness to these industries, and expanding opportunities for work-based learning at employer sites. 

  • Employers – We need you! We’ll be reaching out to employers, small, medium and large in each of the four clusters. We hope you can share your expertise with us!

  • Counselors – We support you! A collection of pathway tools to assist career coaches and school counselors, including print and video materials, is being researched and developed.

To join an implementation team, or for more information, please contact a Pathway Lead.

Stakeholders may also wish to take the Online Interactive Training offered by the State

About Certified Career Pathways

Certified Career Pathways have the endorsement of NC’s lead workforce agency, the NCWorks Commission. Certified Career Pathways are eligible for targeted grant funds. Certification indicates that career pathways meet eight best-practice criteria, ensuring sustainability of the pathway. Also, certification ensures enrollees of the best education, training and work-based learning opportunities as they pursue careers in high-demand occupations.

The Healthcare - Nursing Career Pathway was the first in our region to be certified by the NCWorks Commission, in November of 2016. The Aviation and Advanced Manufacturing Pathways were certified on August 16, 2017, while the Transportation & Logistics pathway was certified on November 15, 2017.

Career Pathways Grant

Grant dollars are available through April 2018 to support training in our Certified Career Pathways at approved training providers in the region. The funds are available for DISLOCATED WORKERS. Read more about the opportunity here.   



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